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Algorithms and Other Useful Code Snippets

 These pages posses algorithm and code snippet implementations used to improve efficiency and compact your code. They will be provided mostly in the Java programming language, with generic classes that do not have dependencies on anything, for ease of use. A new algorithm will be uploaded every week, along with a short article on what the code is generally used for and how to implement the code into your project. Please note that unless explicitly stated otherwise, we did not write this code. Most of the code on this page comes from the book "Algorithms Fourth Edition" by Robert Sedgwick and Kevin Wayne. This is a great book for anyone interested in programming, and I strongly recommend you get it, but never the less, it is expensive. So if you do not have the money to buy this book....or you just don't feel like reading through a college textbook, this page will try to show some of the most important and useful algorithms from that book.

 A note on the licencing of this code: All code from this page is liscensed under GNU(GPL). The code is free to use, and change as you like, as long as your project stays under GNU(GPL). You may not copy this code into your project IF you are not planning to release your project under the GNU(GPL) public license.

Withhout Further Adieu: THE CODE!

Array Manipulation Code Snippets