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Deep Space Turtle Chase

Deep Space Turtle Chase was the best Minecraft adventure map ever created. In order to properly install DSTC you will need to run the launcher at least once before beginning these steps.
While these steps look like a lot, they are really easy to follow.

  1. Open the launcher and click new profile
  2. Check the box that says "Allow us of 'Beta' Minecraft versions"
  3. In the "Use Version" drop down box select b1.8.1
  4. Name the profile what you want and click "Save Profile"
  5. Run the profile you created once and then exit Minecraft and the Launcher
  6. Navigate to your .minecraft folder (Will be in your %Appdata% folder on Windows and in your home folder on Linux)
  7. Create a folder called "bin"
  8. Navigate to the version folder and then into the b1.8.1 folder
  9. Copy b1.8.1.jar into the bin folder you created
  10. Rename the copied jar file to minecraft.jar (This is case sensitive)
  11. Download the DSTC installer here.
  12. Once the download finishes, unzip the file
  13. For Windows run the .exe, for Linux run the .jar
  14. Hit the next button to progress through the steps, you should not need to change anything
  15. Once the installer finishes, hit the finish button to close it
  16. Open your .minecraft folder again
  17. In the bin folder, rename minecraft.jar to DSTC.jar
  18. In the versions folder create a folder called DSTC
  19. Copy DSTC.jar into the DSTC folder you created
  20. Copy b1.8.1.json form the b1.8.1 folder into the DSTC folder
  21. Rename the b1.8.1.json in the DSTC folder to DSTC.json
  22. Open DSTC.json with your preferred text editor
  23. Were it say "id": "b1.8.1" change it to say "id" : "DSTC"
  24. Save and close the file
  25. Open the Minecraft launcher
  26. Click "new profile"
  27. Name it DSTC
  28. Select "Allow use of 'Beta' Minecraft versions"
  29. In the version drop down box scroll down to and select the DSTC version
  30. Click save profile
  31. Select the DSTC profile and click play
  32. Under "Texture Packs" select the "Deep Space" texture pack
  33. In single player there should be a world called DeepSpaceTurtleChase
  34. Just open the world and you are ready to play

If you have issue with these steps try deleting the DSTC version and repeat these steps.
If that does not work contact me.